10 Great Things That Happened in 2012

New Arm1. I got a new prosthetic arm. It is a process that I only tackle once every ten years or so. It involves much research, many decisions, a huge financial commitment, lots of trips to the prosthetics facility, and a challenging adjustment period. But it’s done and I am pleased with the results. I’m glad I did it in 2012 and don’t have it to look forward to in 2013. 🙂


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I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife

2012 has been the Year of Weddings for me. I’ve had the privilege of performing three wedding ceremonies and being the mother of the bride once. Each was unique and each was special to me.

The wedding of Megan Dearman and Scotty Porter was the first I had ever officiated. I was Megan’s children’s minister fifteen years ago when she was a preschooler. To get to say ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ at her wedding was the icing on the wedding cake!

Dearman-Porter Wedding

I loved Dr. Don Beach and Susan Basden the first time I met them at Crosspoint Church. I knew we were destined to be great friends. When they asked me to perform their wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Sabrina Stroud and Cameron Roberson said their vows in the quaint chapel at Point Mallard Park. One very important guest made His presence known by directing the sun to hit the window at exactly the right moment during the ceremony, projecting a cross in front of the couple.

Roberson Wedding

My own baby girl walked the aisle in a white satin dress in August. When I offered to perform the ceremony, she said, “No, Mom. I want you to just be my mom at my wedding.” So that’s what I did. I helped her put on her dress, her 5″ black heels, and her veil. Then I took my seat and watched with joy as Cassie and Chris began their life together. She said I would cry, but I proved her wrong.

As I place this ring on your finger,
Its perfect symmetry
Is a symbol of our perfect love.
It has no beginning and no end,
A symbol of the eternal commitment
We have made today.
 I came to this place today
As a woman standing alone;
I will walk from it by your side
And enter into a new and lasting commitment,
Knowing that we can accomplish more together
Than we ever could have alone.