Wild Wild West- Part 3 (Mangy Moose Saloon and a Bomber)

Wyoming State LineSome like to take pictures of nature. Some like to take pictures of people. Some like to take pictures of food. I like to take pictures of all of those things, but most of all, I like to take pictures of signs. As we traveled throughout the west, I’d scream, “Pull over! There’s the state line sign!” Then I’d force Don, Ruth, and Tim, my travel companions, to get out of the SUV and pose with me for a variety of pictures.

You see, a picture of a state line sign is proof that I’ve been there. It’s the conquering of a goal. And it’s the perfect desktop background for my computer, triggering many happy daydreams during otherwise stressful days. By the end of Days 5 and 6, I boasted three new sign pictures for my gallery.

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My Next Fifty Years

This was my 6th Tim McGraw concert- 6/23/12
This was my 6th Tim McGraw concert- 6/23/12

Tim McGraw has a song called “My Next Thirty Years.” I’m rewriting it and calling it “My Next Fifty Years.”

In my first fifty years, my hair turned gray in spots, then pink. I was pregnant seven times—two kids, five miscarriages. I went from managing nursing homes to being an executive pastor. The governor of Alabama and I led a wedding together; he performed the ceremony and I sang. I was married to a 21-year-old guy, a 35-year-old guy, and a 50-year-old guy—all named Tim. I lived where I could hear the fireworks when the Cincinnati Reds hit a home run. I stood on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with Garth Brooks. So who knows what might happen in my next fifty years?

Maybe I’ll help start new churches around the world. Maybe I’ll travel to the final fourteen states and five continents I haven’t seen. Maybe I’ll run for mayor. Maybe I’ll meet Tim McGraw. Maybe I’ll write One Smile, One Arm- Part 2.

I don’t know for sure what will happen, but I do know that God has a wild and wonderful plan for me. And not only for me—for you, too! To experience that plan, we have to listen with our heart, be open to things outside our comfort zone, be available at a moment’s notice, and be adventurous enough to follow. Along the way, if limitations threaten to slow us down or challenges attempt to stop us, we must face them head on…with courage…with determination…with a smile.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

10 Great Things That Happened in 2012

New Arm1. I got a new prosthetic arm. It is a process that I only tackle once every ten years or so. It involves much research, many decisions, a huge financial commitment, lots of trips to the prosthetics facility, and a challenging adjustment period. But it’s done and I am pleased with the results. I’m glad I did it in 2012 and don’t have it to look forward to in 2013. 🙂


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