Wild Wild West- Part 1 (Big Sky and Bison Burgers)

It’s too bad that God asked me to be a pastor rather than a travel writer. I mean, hey, I could have ministered all over the world as a travel writer, right? Just kidding. I love my calling as a pastor, but I DO love to travel, too. So in my “off” time, I am always planning my next trip. I study maps, research cities, calculate travel routes, distribute vacation days on a calendar, budget money weekly to the “Fun Fund,” and plot how I can make my current dream happen.

My most recent “dream come true” was a trip to the Wild Wild West in September. I invite you to relive the experience with me over the next few blog posts. Through words and pictures I’ll share with you the things that fascinated me most. And I’d like to hear about the things that fascinated you most, if you’ve been to the same places.

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