Shot Out of the Sky

Those of us who were BORN TO FLY occasionally get shot out of the sky. We’re soaring along with pure motives and no agenda. We’re working hard and giving our very best. We’re loving what we’re doing because it’s our passion and our gifting. Then suddenly, from out of nowhere, we’re hit. We’re falling. We’re crashing to the ground.

When we regain the breath that was knocked out of us, we try to reorganize our scattered thoughts. We assess our injuries; they are critical. What do we do now? Laying on the ground isn’t an option. We must fly again. But how will we ever navigate the great ascent from the ground to the sky?

From an experienced flyer and crasher, here are some suggestions.

  1. Remove yourself from the source of the hit. I moved four hundred miles away.
  2. Rest, physically and mentally. I let myself take naps. Imagine that!
  3. Heal, physically and mentally. I developed a real physical issue from a non-physical hit. When I removed myself from the source of the hit, my physical issue healed.
  4. Ask God to restore whatever you lost in the crash. The biggest thing I lost was my passion for life. Life was no fun without passion!
  5. Seek counsel and inspiration from wise people. I DVR’d T.D. Jakes and I asked lots of questions.
  6. Immerse yourself in family and friends who love you. There’s a song that says, “You find out who your friends are.” That proved to be a true statement.
  7. Keep going through the motions. I was only off from work one week. I don’t think anyone knew I was hurting except those closest to me.
  8. Plan a big adventure. I had always wanted to go to New England so… I went twice!
  9. Explore a new niche. After twenty years as a Children’s Pastor, it was refreshing and energizing to do something new.
  10. Reset your goals. After the hit, none of my goals applied anymore. I trashed them and started over.

It will take time. Weeks, months, maybe even years. But we will fly again. And getting shot out of the sky will only make us soar higher. After all, we were BORN TO FLY!

Where are you in the process?

  • Soaring
  • Crashing
  • Ascending again
  • Soaring higher