Free As a Hummingbird

Niagara Falls, Canada

I have always known that I was born to fly. As a little kid, I was the president of the clubhouse. My siblings and cousins still tease me about how I made them pay dues. In junior high I started writing articles for the school newspaper in fifth grade and ended up being the editor by eighth grade. In high school I was elected class treasurer as a freshman and by my junior year, I was class president. During college I loved my job as the activity director of a nursing home. I changed my major from computer science to gerontology (the study of aging) and became a nursing home administrator by age twenty-two. At twenty-eight, I was overseeing senior adult ministries for a church on a volunteer basis. I found it to be so fulfilling that I switched careers and became a full-time pastor. You see the pattern. I’ve never spent too much time searching for worms in the ground before something in the blue sky above catches my attention and draws me treetop-ward.

And that’s exactly what happened again last year. My husband Tim and I went on an amazing Hawaiian adventure in June. Our cruise ship Pride of America transported us from Honolulu to Maui to Hilo to Kona to Kauai. We drove the winding Road to Hana, searched for (and found) Moloaa Bay where the pilot of Gilligan’s Island was filmed, took a hula dancing class, ate coconut macadamia ice cream, and stuck our feet in the turquoise water of Waikiki Beach. We relaxed a little and played a lot.

After arriving home, I posted on Facebook: “I want to be a tour director when I grow up!” It made me smile to say it. Twenty-five years as a pastor had taken its toll on me. I was exhausted and beat down from dealing with conflicts and tragedies and problems for such a long time. Wouldn’t that be the best job ever, I thought. Continue reading

Facebook Can Be Fun or Facebook Can Be Fatal

Instant… Global… Permanent…

These three words describe our comments and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Think for a moment about the magnitude of that… instant… global… permanent. I don’t know about you, but that sends a rush of fear through my heart. So much so that I wrote a “Social Media Policy” for our staff at Crosspoint Church. Because it translates well on a personal level, too, I thought I’d share it with you.

  • Keep it clean. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 says, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”
  • Keep it nice. Respect people. Don’t engage in negative dialog or word wars.
  • Keep it private. Don’t vent personal frustrations.
  • Keep it neutral. Refrain from political opinions. We don’t want to alienate people we are trying to reach.
  • Keep it short. Proverbs 10:19 says, “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.”
  • Keep it smart. Think before you post. You can’t take it back. Ask, “Is it helpful? Is it needed?”
  • Keep it fun. It’s ok to have fun and reveal your personality!

You can find me on Facebook at If you decide to send me a friend request, I promise I’ll try to behave.

Facebook Fun