Cousin Jennifer & Aunt Gail

“Hello,” I managed in an out-of-breath voice. I had run up fourteen steps to catch the ringing phone.

“May I speak to Becky Alexander, please?” a man asked.

“This is Becky,” I stated, already putting up my guard.

“My name is John and I am calling from Rent-A-Center,” he began.

Click. Before letting him get out one more word, I hung up. A salesman! I fumed. I ran all the way up the stairs for that. How did he get my number? I am supposed to be on the “no call list.”

I returned to the project I was working on downstairs, this time taking my cell phone with me. In about five minutes, the phone rang again. Caller ID showed it was Aunt Gail. She was working a temporary job out-of-state so I was glad to hear from her.

“Hello!” I answered cheerfully.

“Hey, Beck. Did you just get a call from Rent-A-Center?” she started.

“Yes, I did,” I said slowly. “But I hung up on the guy.”

“Well, when he calls you back, will you please talk to him?” Aunt Gail snickered. “I’m trying to rent furniture for my apartment. I told him that my two nieces would be references for me. But when he called, you and Cindy both hung up on him.”

A quick listener may jump to a fast and wrong conclusion. Choose to be a slow listener today!


“Are you listening to me? Really listening?” (Matthew 11:15 MSG).

2 thoughts on “Rent-A-Center

  1. Thereca Tucker says:

    Becky, I had a similar incident. I answered and a lady with a petite voice butchered my name (almost everyone does when they see it in print) and started to tell me how this was my lucky day. She said she was from blah blah beauty salon and nail spa.
    I stopped her right there and I said, “No thank you! I am not interested…”
    I said, “I do not know how you got my number, but please take me off your call list. I don’t want any solicitation calls.”
    She started again, “No, no… you do not understand…” I kept trying to interrupt her. Finally she said, “Do you know Dr so and so?”
    I acknowledged I did. She said, “Well, Dr. so and so called me and told me she appreciated you so much that she wanted to gift you with a day of beauty at my salon. She has already paid for the works. Hair cut, color, manicure, pedicure, brows waxing. It is just because she said she thought you were a kind lady who pampered others and she wanted you to be pampered back.”
    I was speechless finally, LOL and I didn’t feel so special when I realized how I didn’t listen to begin with and jumped to a conclusion hastily. I almost missed out on a really pleasant day because I was too much a quick listener.



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