The Queen of Customer Service

“May I speak with someone in Admissions?” I asked the receptionist who received my call at our local community college.

“One moment, please,” she chimed before putting me on hold. I listened to an annoying song until another person came on the line.

“Admissions,” a woman’s voice answered with zero enthusiasm.

I explained that my son had submitted an application for admission on April first, but had not heard anything. She said they wouldn’t process applications until June. She suggested he submit a new application.

“You mean he needs to submit another application? It’s not June yet,” I questioned.

“It wouldn’t hurt,” she stated.

I took a slow breath. “Ok. I also have a financial aid question. Can you transfer me?”

“No, I can’t transfer you and I don’t have the number to give you for Financial Aid,” she replied.

I forced out a thank you and hit “end call.” I redialed the main number to the college. “May I speak with someone in Financial Aid?”

“One moment, please,” the receptionist chimed. Then she played the annoying song in my ear again.

“Financial Aid,” a woman’s voice answered flatly.

I went through a long explanation about my son’s financial aid award and inquired about signing the promissory note.

The woman responded with one word: “What?”

I proceeded to re-explain the entire situation. About halfway through, it struck me that the woman’s voice was somewhat familiar. I stopped. “Did I talk to you earlier?”

This time she responded with three words: “About your son?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” she echoed.

I struggled to act like a pastor. “You told me to call Financial Aid. The main number transferred me to you.”

“We’re taking calls for Financial Aid today,” she said.

Some experiences are wonderful opportunities to practice the virtue of patience.


“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2 NIV).


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