Wild Wild West- Part 3 (Mangy Moose Saloon and a Bomber)

Wyoming State LineSome like to take pictures of nature. Some like to take pictures of people. Some like to take pictures of food. I like to take pictures of all of those things, but most of all, I like to take pictures of signs. As we traveled throughout the west, I’d scream, “Pull over! There’s the state line sign!” Then I’d force Don, Ruth, and Tim, my travel companions, to get out of the SUV and pose with me for a variety of pictures.

You see, a picture of a state line sign is proof that I’ve been there. It’s the conquering of a goal. And it’s the perfect desktop background for my computer, triggering many happy daydreams during otherwise stressful days. By the end of Days 5 and 6, I boasted three new sign pictures for my gallery.

DAY 5- 9/26/12 (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

Jackson Hole is a storybook town surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains on every side. We spent a relaxing morning eating homemade doughnuts at Dolce Restaurant, browsing through quaint shops, and taking pictures of antler arches and life-size bear statues.

Antler ArchAbout noon we headed down Moose Road toward Teton Village to eat lunch at the Mangy Moose Saloon. And you’ll never guess what we spotted on the way. Yep! Moose! I had to get a picture. I got stupidly close, but stayed in a ready-to-run-fast mode while I posed.

MooseFor our evening entertainment, we climbed aboard a covered wagon at the BarT5 Ranch for a wagon train ride and a chuckwagon dinner, complete with singing cowboys and whooping Indians.

DAY 6- 9/27/12 (Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City, Utah)

I was sad to leave Jackson Hole, but excited about our 275-mile trek south to Salt Lake City. For someone who gets a thrill from crossing state lines, our path on Highway 89 was extremely thrilling. It wove from Wyoming to Idaho to Wyoming a second time to Utah to Wyoming a third time. Then I-80 took us on into Salt Lake City.

IdahoUtah State Line

We attended a magnificent rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the evening. As we exited the parking area, we drove straight into a crime scene! Police, sirens, and flashing lights were everywhere and the entire block in front of us was barricaded. A police officer yelled frantically at us to turn around. A man had a bomb in his backpack and was threatening to detonate it. Police shot and killed him.

We decided we hadn’t had enough adventure for one day, so we hit Mo’s Neighborhood Grill for a nightcap (a hamburger). They were doing karaoke and Don, Ruth, and Tim were relentless. They finally wore me down and I sang karaoke for the first time in my life! “When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me…” 🙂

It’s fun to relive my Wild Wild West trip with you. Next stop—Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!


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