10 Great Things That Happened in 2012

New Arm1. I got a new prosthetic arm. It is a process that I only tackle once every ten years or so. It involves much research, many decisions, a huge financial commitment, lots of trips to the prosthetics facility, and a challenging adjustment period. But it’s done and I am pleased with the results. I’m glad I did it in 2012 and don’t have it to look forward to in 2013. 🙂



Dearman-Porter Wedding2. I officiated my first wedding ceremony for bride Megan Dearman and groom Scotty Porter. I was Megan’s children’s minister fifteen years ago when she was a preschooler. To get to say ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ at her wedding was the icing on the wedding cake!




Big Sky3. Tim and I traveled the Wild, Wild West—Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. I have a life goal of seeing all fifty states. 36 down, 14 to go!




Mom's Rules for a Happy House4. A story I wrote was chosen to appear in Group Publishing’s Children’s Ministry Magazine. It’s called “Pinocchio: What’s a Parent to Do When the Nose Begins to Grow?” As you might guess, it offers some advice to parents about kids and lying.





Happy Chair5. We remodeled our living room using the colors turquoise, orange, and lime. I had our old recliner reupholstered to match. I call it my “Happy Chair.”






Election 20126. I worked at my first presidential election. I actually worked at the voting polls for four elections in 2012: the primary in March, a run-off in April, a special election concerning an Alabama constitutional amendment in September, and the biggie in November. I love learning and watching the voting process. It represents freedom and America at their best.


Cassie & Chris' Wedding7. I became a mother-in-law. My own baby girl walked the aisle in a white satin dress in August.




Crosspoint Somerville8. I helped start a new church. Though I have been working on church staffs for 22 years, I still learn new stuff all the time at Crosspoint Church. 2012 was no exception. We became a “multi-site” church, adding a second campus in Somerville, Alabama.




Tim McGraw Concert9. Tim and I attended the Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney “Brothers of the Sun” concert in Nashville. This was my sixth Tim McGraw concert. I wish I had a picture of me and Tim McGraw to show you, but I don’t. However, one of these days, I’m going to meet him. Just you wait and see.




Blog10. My blog hit over 23,000 all-time views. I started blogging in December of 2009. I never dreamed anyone would read it besides my mom and best friends.


A decorative tile on my front porch reads: “Remember the day’s blessings; forget the day’s troubles.” I’d like to revise that saying and offer it to you as a wish: “Remember the blessings of 2012; forget the troubles of 2012.” HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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