Yard Sale Hat

Did you know that there is a 675-mile yard sale? It runs along Highway 127 from Gadsden, Alabama, to Hudson, Michigan. It happens each year during the first weekend in August.

This year was my second time to tackle the yard sale. Traveling with husband Tim and friends Janice and Roy, we explored the sales around Fort Payne and Mentone, Alabama. And did I find some treasures! Pink gloves for $1 and a pink shadow box for $10. The shadow box needs some work, but will make a great display case when I’m finished with it. I also bought a turquoise Mason jar for $12 for my recently remodeled turquoise kitchen. Then I found a matching jar in a larger size ($17) and a smaller size ($5) to complete the set. I plan to fill them with crazy shaped pasta and M&M’S and set them on top of my cabinets. Lots of fun!

But my prize purchase of the trip was my yard sale hat. Actually it’s new and was found in a unique store called “The Gourdie Shop” in Mentone. It’s khaki canvas with yellow trim around the bill and an enormous flower attached to the side. I couldn’t look goofier in it and I couldn’t love it more. I doubt I’ll wear it much, but I enjoy gazing every day at my yard sale hat, hanging on my bulletin board. It reminds me of laughing with people I love, exploring new places, tomato pie and raspberry crepes at the Wildflower Café, blueberry milkshakes, and Mason jar hunting.

What do you gaze at throughout your day? I suggest putting an object in your view that makes you smile. Something that takes you away for a moment to a less stressful place. Something to remind you that life is full of treasures.

What is your “yard sale hat” and what does it remind you of? 


“Live a happy life! Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works; be alert for signs of his presence. Remember the world of wonders he has made” (Psalm 105:3-5 MSG).

18 thoughts on “Yard Sale Hat

  1. Becky! That was an awsome weekend! Contrary to your belief, you look great in the hat. Very fitting, only you could pull it off! I will always enjoy the memory of that great weekend, and I look forward to creating the next one with you! Another story to be penned by you and enjoyed by all of us who wish we could write so beautifully! Love Ya! Janice


  2. Claud Burke says:

    Thanks for the post Ms. Alexander. I am the lucky guy who is married to Sharon Barron.
    She so much wants each of her creations to be special and unique that she is always careful
    to try to avoid making any two items that are similar. I thus very much doubt that you will
    ever see another”Yard sale hat” like yours.


  3. Sharon Barron says:

    Becky, Thank you for the wonderful article about the ” Yard Sale hat”
    Those are hats made from recycles truck canvas from Brazil.
    Each one is different and I thought they would sell to men.
    I decided I really liked them so much that I made Flowers (that are my
    little one of a kind art creation.)…..so I have the first one I made
    and it is GREAT for the bad hair ( Sat ) mornings when I have to jump out
    of bed for a grandchild’s soccer game ! ! !


  4. Bobbie Holloway says:

    Becky Janice keeps telling me about your trip. Theyreally enjoy some of the things “you crazies” do together.I know you will look pretty in that hat. But if you will come by my house sometime I bet I would have a lot of yard sale items you might be interested in. Love you and your writings!


  5. Pam says:

    Becky, I can definitely see you wearing that hat! My house is full of “Yard Sale Hats”–items that remind me of good times with family and friends…those that I love. My home will never make the cover of a decorating magazine, but I’m surrounded by things that bring a smile to my face everyday. Thanks for reminding me how precious that is! Love your posts, Pam 🙂



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