The Old Blue Chair

Since we are all confined at home due to the coronavirus, I thought I would offer to mail you a copy of this newly-released book, COFFEE with God (as long as the mail continues to run). It is a 30-day devotional book written by me and four other North Alabama authors. The “new life” theme may brighten our spirits with stories about spring, Easter, birds, babies, and flowers. Mail your address and $10 to me at: Becky Alexander, 173 Ghost Hill Road, Decatur, AL 35603. See a sample devotion below called “The Old Blue Chair.” Everybody stay safe!


The Old Blue Chair

“He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19 (NIV)

She had been in the family for years, ever-present in her usual place in the living room. Her blue, soft covering calmed those who slowed down enough to sit for a while. Her squeaky rock comforted four generations—a baby boy when he cried, a mom when she was exhausted, a grandma when she was stressed, and a great-grandpa when his body ached. Her strong and steady frame withstood climbing, bouncing, plopping, and roughhousing. Her cushions absorbed snores, laughs, secrets, sobs, and prayers. The old blue chair was beloved by all.

As the time came for the old blue chair to be replaced, my heart would not allow it. She was one of us, a delight to our days, a witness to our lives, a link to our history. I decided to rescue her rather than bury her. She still possessed strength in her frame; it was her fabric that displayed thin areas, fuzzy spots, and protruding padding. So I embarked on a search for new fabric.

At a local store, I found the perfect pattern to honor the old blue chair. It flaunted big flowers in a contemporary design. Yes, it contained blue, but also orange, lime green, hot pink, yellow, and red. My first thought was, “What a happy print!” I purchased the fabric and hauled the chair to an upholstery shop.

A week later I picked up a bright and beautiful chair that looked like new. Because she was no longer an old blue chair, I appropriately renamed her “the happy chair.” To this day she sits in her familiar place in the living room. Just this week my three-year-old granddaughter, Sadie, tugged on my shirt. I bent down, and we exchanged a big hug. Then she made a simple statement that caused me to smile: “Happy chair, soft blanket.” I knew exactly what she meant. She wanted Grammy to rock her in our special place—the old chair that continues to create loving memories for our family.

We are much like that old blue chair. Life scurries around us and plops on top of us at times. If we see someone hurting or tired, we offer comfort. Through both good days and difficult ones, we do our best to remain steady and strong. We relish in the sounds that reach our ears—laughter, prayers, and even snores. All the while God watches over us from above and delights in us. And when we begin to wear thin in spots from the stresses of the world, He rescues us, providing us with a new covering of happiness. We are beloved by Him.

Dear God Who Rescues, life has plopped on top of me. I am stressed, weary, hurting. Please rescue me—I want to find joy in life again. Cover me anew with your happiness, so that I can once more offer comfort and encouragement to others. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

The Gift Inside of Me

I invite you to share this children’s story I wrote with the little ones in your life.

God placed a special gift on the inside of me.
What must I do to stir it up for all the world to see?

Should I spin around in circles till I’m dizzy in my head?
Or lie down on the floor and roll across my room instead?

God placed a special gift on the inside of me.
What must I do to stir it up for all the world to see?

Should I drink a fizzy berry soda through a curvy crazy straw?
Or eat a long and sour pickle that puckers up my jaw?

God placed a special gift on the inside of me.
What must I do to stir it up for all the world to see?

Should I try to tickle my own feet with my fuzzy purple horse?
Or tell myself a funny joke to laugh until I snort?

God placed a special gift on the inside of me.
What must I do to stir it up for all the world to see?

Should I get an x-ray at the doctor from eyes to little toes?
Or ask my Grammy what to do? She always seems to know.

God placed a special gift on the inside of me.
What must I do to stir it up for all the world to see?

Should I scrunch my face and think real hard until my brain is tired?
Or strive to read a giant book with words meant to inspire?

God placed a special gift on the inside of me.
What must I do to stir it up for all the world to see?

I do not have to spin and roll and eat a pickle, too.
I simply have to ask myself, “What do I love to do?”

For what I love to do the most is my special gift from God.
I stir it up when I use the gift to show the world His love.


“Stir up the gift of God which is in you.” 2 Timothy 1:6 (NKJV)



When No One Is Looking

(A devotional thought from the book One Smile, One Heart)

I never expected drama in the parking lot. Three spots were open so I casually pulled into the center one. I didn’t open my door right away. Instead I sat for a few minutes, checking the messages on my phone. At some point I glanced up to notice an SUV pull in to my left. The driver was a middle-aged man and the passenger was a woman of similar age. I went back to reading my messages. And then…

WHAM! I jolted at the impact of metal slamming into metal. My head spun left to see the woman’s heavy SUV door resting against the mirror of my Beetle. I stared through my window at her in amazement. Her mouth formed an “O” and she slapped her hand over it as she stared back at me. She pulled her door back a notch and climbed out. When she closed the door, I opened mine and got out too.

“Oh! I am so sorry!” the woman exclaimed. “I didn’t know anyone was in there!”


“That’s not the point!” I replied loudly. “I don’t want my car banged up!”

“Oh, no, no, no. It’s not,” the woman proclaimed arrogantly.

I glared at her. I examined my mirror as best I could in the fading daylight. “Well, I guess it’s ok,” I stated. She turned and started walking away. I called after her, “Have a nice evening!”

Charles Marshall said, “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is looking.” That most certainly includes parking lots, car doors, and mirrors.


“I know, my God, that you test the HEART and are pleased with integrity” (1 Chronicles 29:17 NIV).